AKB0048 – I Won’t Let Down Their Efforts

Story: D
The episode starts out in 0048’s concert hall on AKB’s home planet Akibastar, with a song by the 75th generation’s understudies, they are refered to as the “Cursed Generation” due to most of the people who tried out failed to meet standards or quit.

We learn something new about Sonata and why she why even failing the first round why she snuck on the ship and won’t give up on being a member of AKB0048. We also learn why Kanata joined 0048 and why she won’t quit until shes a full member of the group.

Characters: F
The new characters for the episode are the 75th generation understudies Kanata Shinonome and Mimori Kishida. The new members really don’t bring nothing new to the episode other than the past of Kanata and Mimori is a useless character.

Sound: D-
At the start of the AKB concert I laughed cause they use the same intro Im use to but since they are AKB0048 they changed it so the song says “AKB0048” instead of just “AKB48”. I guess for years Im use to the something and this change just seemed funny to me. Voice acting is still the same some characters are great while most are just run of the mill at their acting.

Animation: B-

The background of buildings and the sky are great and the animation on the girls has really improved since the last episode, I mentioned that the animation of the AKB members was a lot better I guess now that they are understudies they made their animation a lot better, none of them are blurring while watching this episode.

Overall: F

This episode was terrible no action at all nothing really happened besides a dance instructor from hell and the girls moving into their new dorm. There isn’t even anything to talk about for this section thats how bad, how little, and boring this episode was. I would advice people to feel free to skip it after you learn on why Kanata wanted to join AKB0048 cause thats really the only thing worth watching up to that point is and the last thing worth knowing is.


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