Nazo no Kanojo X – The Mysterious Sensation

Story: A+
The Mysterious Sensation starts out in one of Akira’s dream where Mikoto tells him to touch her boob if he wants too. He wakes up and it seems like everything is reminding of his dream from his sister and her meat buns to photos in a magazine he was looking through. To get the weird things out of his mind he decides to talk a walk, he ends up running into Mikoto outside her apartment building and she invites him in for tea.
When it starts to rain he tells her about his random dream and she decides to let him touch her boob like he had done in his dream. Not to spoil such a great episode your just going to have to watch to see what happens and try to understand the cliff hanger.

Characters: A-
I liked the characters a lot more than all the other episodes, not really a large cast just Akira, Mikoto, and Oka to be honest but the sudden change in Akira and Mikoto after the incident is why I think them more in this episode. Mikoto just seems different then her usual self which seems like nothing around her really changes or effects her.

Sound: B
Unlike the Flu episode where none of the sound really fitted in with the scene or the feel of the episode The Mysterious Sensation, fixes that with everything meshing together to really bring the scene together.

Animation: B-

The animation wasn’t presented the same way as the Flu episode but still managed to burn the images of Mikoto’s face with tears running from her eyes deep into my mind to a degree where I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget her face in the scene.

Overall: A

I didn’t like the last episode (episode 7) but they came back hitting on every note I could actually hope for them to really recover from. I was on pins and needles in this episode because I didn’t know what was going to happen which for this series sadly doesn’t happen much, its like Accel World, just a small hint and I’ll be able to piece it together fairly well, thankfully not the case here which is good since this is a pretty much cut and dry episode. No Mikoto cutting pun intended.

I hope that episode 9 will explain the ending to this episode better, I want to know how Akira’s words affected Mikoto and why did she run off so fast after giving him a finger of drool? Also for a girl as crazy and odd as Mikoto is her room was shockingly quite normal.


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