Nazo no Kanojo X – The Mysterious Flu Epidemic

Story: F
The Mysterious Flu Epidemic is pretty much what this episode is about a flu is going around and once again Akira is sick much like how he got sick from withdraw from not licking Mikoto’s drool recently. Oka tells Mikoto about something she did to her boyfriend and the next day he was back at school, we don’t hear it cause she whispers it in her ear.

The main focus on the episode is the track and field event for the girl’s PE class that Akira might miss due to he’s sick at home with the flu.

Characters: C-

We meet a new character in this episode Yajima who is the fastest girl on the track team. Shes pretty boring cause she just tries to get Mikoto to join the track team since Mikoto is almost faster than she is so with the both of them on the track team the team would be nearly unbeatable. Yajima’s character design, well I will say it lacks original ideas she just looks boring!

Oka her hanging around Mikoto is starting to get boring, what happened to the talked about yet hardly seen Oka? Those episodes a lot less of a nagging feeling.

Sound: C
Other then the OP song the music in this episode do not fit at all. When they do play a song that fits in the episode its at the wrong time which im thinking “Whats going on?”
Yajima’s voice is the basic girl in anime voice.

Animation: B+
Another episode of the same animation but it looks so much better due to the way it’s presented in most shots.

Overall: F

This episode is back to the same boring for the most part and only worth watching the last few minutes of the episode. I’m not sure if it’s because the anime is losing its special and original idea or because for most of the episode it’s just bring and to predictable with nothing that makes the anime enjoyable to me.

I just wish this anime would actually ditch Oka, her wanting to be friends with Mikoto is getting annoying cause when they show Mikoto you can bet Oka is going to she shown attached to her hip. She would be a better character if she wasn’t so by the book same with Yajima. I guess if they had a ton of characters that went against the grain then Mikoto wouldn’t stand out and be such a great character.

All in all this episode really isn’t worth watching, I’m starting to think that AKira nd Mikoto are never going to be an actual couple and just be more like close but not that close friends. I just hope that as the series comes closer to finish airing that the last few episodes are packed with great moments, funny jokes, and better moments of Mikoto at the very least like last episode where she FINALLY showed some true emotions. If not then the series is like too many that Ive seen, lots of ground to make a series unforgetable with a great story but for some reason they didn’t want to stick with it. If you’ve seen Moon Phase, Ah! My Goddess, and Air Gear you know what I’m talking about.

Side note: I love Air Gear, its my favorite series, there’s nothing wrong with the series but it didn’t follow the manga HARDLY EVER! Then looking at the Break on the Sky OVAs that did follow the manga really well, be honest which was a lot better? I hope there’s a re-work on Air Gear down the road like Dragon Ball Kai, redo the series but stick to the manga more.


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