Another 0-kan – #00 The Other -Karma-

Story: C+
#00 The Other -Karma- is about the relationship of Mei and Misaki, both are about to start their final year of high school, this OVA starts before the series of Another did shortly before school starts for the year.
In April Mei already feels there’s something different about her new class in school which is Class 3, she feels this way after hearing rumors about the class from other people in school.
During the sleep over and making plans to go to the amusement part, Mei sees something she fears from Misaki.

Characters: A+
Misaki and Mei in this OVA are pretty much the typical teenage girls, their excited about starting school as its their last year of high school. We actually find that Misaki has an odd way of whats cute and whats not, this is seen in the amusement park scene.

Sound: B
0-kan keeps the same great OP as the series, I have to say that I love it, it could be my favorite anime opening theme ever and I got the OST because of it. They also keep the same ED, I like both songs, the OP just makes me get ready for the epic series, and then the ED just makes me reflect on the sadness the episode was just infected with.

The voice acting of Misaki and Mei are a bit different then the series, I can’t really explain it, they sound nearly the same but I guess I’m not use to the happy, normal, and perky Mei after the series she was so gloomy and monotone nothing seemed to change her emotions even after nearly getting killed in the series.

Animation: A+
Just like the series I’m blown away but the animation, I can’t put into words and since a picture is worth a thousand words, just screenshots will do.

Overall: C

To be honest, I didn’t enjoy the OVA as much as I thought, the OVA I was hoping for was going to be more of an impact on the series such showing Mei and Misaki growing up together. The OVA really just shows them up to a few days after the start of their third year.
I find the shortness of time the OVA takes place and the start of the series not enough time, for me, maybe because the more things related to Another the more great things I have to watch and manga to read.

All in all the OVA sadly wasn’t worth the wait for me, the OVA was too friendly after hearing about Misaki from Mei in the series I was actually expecting her to be different, but she actually was a normal girl just like how Mei use to be normal.

I’ll just go back to re-reading the manga for Another and Another 0 while I wait for the live action to release here for me.

Sadly now is time to say good-bye to my favorite anime series since Air Gear, I don’t think their will be another season of Another, but if there is a slight chance the class won’t be the same so as much as I hate to say it, its best for Another to end the anime here.


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