Accel World – Restoration

Story: B-
Aqua Current or Karen is the bouncer of Accel World she tells Haru she’ll help recover up to 50 points. They go up against two opponents in a tag team match they choose to face a level 3 and a level 4 opponent Sand Duct and Nickel Doll. They pick higher opponents because even if they lose the match they won’t be stripped of all their burst points.

We learn that Karen is still just a level 1 player and has reasons to why she hasn’t leveled up.

Meanwhile we finally get to see the fight I wanted to see back at episode 3 or 4 between Taku and Kuroyukihime. Episode 6 ended with her starting the fight with him. Her plan to fight him was to teach him a lesson about himself that he has been struggling to find the answer to.

Characters: F
Karen I hated her character she just seems up tight and just wants to get down to business with getting Akira the points she promised. As well as being a typical brainy character design she has a terrible brain burst avatar, Haru’s avatar is a pig while her avatar is a ferret looking thing, or maybe its an otter?

Well whatever it is why it has a tie on I’ll never understand.

We see a real character change in Taku who went from being monotone to actually showing emotions at the end and actually smiles. That is a welcome change.

Sound: C-
To be honest I would love for the song that plays when they change from their normal avatars into their fighting avatars to actually play through the whole battle. The guitar that carries that song is great and I wish they played it more.

There is a few songs that plays during the touching moments such as at the end of the episode. Voice acting actually is the same other than for Taku at the end of the episode as I said in character section review he now has emotions! Karen her character I expect to replace Taku as the monotone character for the series, which means I have a new character to hate.

Animation: B+
Again I’m not sure if it was due to my encoding or not but the picture in this episode was blurry for me, though I encoded with my usual 758 bitrate that I always use.

Overall: C-

Restoration really doesn’t add anything I didn’t actually expect its following the same lines as past episodes to be honest. Haru is still trying to learn how to be the best burst linker he can by nearly getting beat in battles. I’m actually even more tired of him then I was at the start of the series, I didn’t think it was possible but I’m tired of him winning with the same attack. He needs to level up and get new moves and fast!

To be honest the ending was one I didn’t expect same with the reason Taku has been sort of a total dick, I hope they throw in a filler to allow us to see the old Taku that Haru keeps talking about, then the event that turned him in to a total dick. I don’t know why but I want to know more about Taku then any of the other characters I just feel that his character’s back story would kick the main story’s ass, its not like it would make the series any worse!

Accel World is actually starting to feel that its rolling on wheels, the battles are all pretty much the same thing in the battles Taku’s avatar has few moves but he flies more than anything and in this episode Karen makes a remark that he’s really famous because he is the only flying avatar. I facepalmed in this episode cause when he flew Nickel Doll couldn’t believe he was the flying avatar. You would think that she would have heard parts of his name if anything or a basic idea of what Silver Crow would look like.

I’m actually loosing interest in this series, I still wonder how their going to pull this series together for 24 episodes when not even halfway through and the series is falling apart in my eyes. I guess all I can really do is delete episode 7 and move on to episode 8 and hope they pick up on the action in battles or at least pick up the story cause so far nothing of interest has happened since Snow Black nearly died.


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