Upotte!! – Grip and Hold!

Story: F
Upotte is about a special school where all the teachers and students there shoot guns and more bizarre ARE guns, the new home room teach is actually a human who is not let in on the secret until he gets to the school. He has a run in with the student named “Funco” who is actually a FNC who puts him in the hospital from the remark that she’s wearing a thong.

Characters: F

Upotte keeping in spirits of being the most basic run of the mill series I’ve ever seen has the basic characters by attitude and design. Nothing stands out.

Sound: F
The OP is a generic rock song, its one of those songs that you’ll forget all about half way through the episode, you’re not missing anything you haven’t actually heard a millions times over if you chose to fast forward through it.

The ED song is just bad, it’s a soft pop song thats even more basic than the OP. It doesn’t really go with the anime if you ask me, something more up beat sound like the OP would have been a better ED song.

Voice acting in the first episode again nothing special it all just sounds like the run of the mill voice acting. I would bet that for the voice actors this is one of their first real jobs they had, there’s no distinction from their voices no matter the mood. FNC doesn’t sound mad at the remark about her in a thong from the teacher or the tone in her voice when she’s talking to her friends.

Animation: B
The animation for the series is decent, might be a bit too good for the series but with a basic voice acting cast I guess they had plenty of money to spend else where as I’m glad they used some of it for the art department to use.

Overall: F

I did not enjoy this first episode, in fact the first episode is about 23 minutes long yet it took me a few hours to watch. I had to stop every now and then and watch a GOOD episode of something else. When I learned the girls where guns, lets just say that made me spend less time watching and more time in a steam group chat.

I will not drop the series yet I’ll watch up to episode 4 which I have slacked off on watching this anime, and really a lot if not all of the spring 2012 series, but this anime out of all of them season sounded like it had one of the best “that sounds like its going to be good” stories and yet the performance of it was far worse than I could have thought of. I have read the manga and thats good, I can only hope the first episode was just a new way to get the series going and it tries to stick to the manga for the series.


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