Nazo no Kanojo X – Mysterious Girl-Meet-Girl

Story: D
Mysterious Girl-Meet-Girl is about Ayuko trying to be friends with Mikoto. After sharing her lunch with Mikoto.

In gym class during running track she cuts her knee and Ayuko swallows some of Mikoto’s drool when they share a bottled water, they find that from her drool they can both get the same injury. If one has a cut and they swallow each others drool the other person will get the same injury

During lunch Ayuko tells Mikoto to lick her finger with her drool and she can tell that her and Akira have not yet kissed.

Characters: A
I liked the idea that Mikoto can be affected by other people’s drool and it’s not just her drool and Akira that can be affected. I really like that they gave Ayuko a bigger role as she was pretty much non-existed in episode 3.

Sound: C
Sound is still consistence through the episode.

Animation: A

Overall: C-
This episode was good but on the other hand nothing really that new other than the fact that Mikoto and Ayuko can transfer injuries.

I wanted to see Mikoto and Akira get closer to each other but I guess the fact that Mikoto has no friends and seems lonely in class without friends would be odd to have the same thing through out the series.


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