Accel World – Retribution

Story: F
Retribution is about Haru trying to get to level up to keep his promise to Kuroyukihime.

After leveling up him and Taku try to find Accel World’s only bouncer called Aqua Current, he helps fighters who are low on Brain Burst points. The episode really ends at a cliff hanger, will we finally see Kuroyukihime/Snow Black in a fight?

Characters: D
Really nothing has changed in characters, Haru goes back to being the everyone should feel bad about how I screw everything up, Taku is really just monotone through this whole episode but when he offers to fight so Haru can get some Burst Points it shows how good of a friend he is.

Sound: F
I actually can’t remember that much of a soundtrack in this episode also for some reason most of this episode Haru’s voice just sounds faint in most of this episode.

Animation: C

Decent, better than the first few episodes and I'm getting use to the terrible character design of pretty much the whole cast. I still think the character design for the cast was rushed as they all look so generic.

Overall: F
I feel like I missed an episode because early on they talk about things that was not in episode 5, they told Kurashima about the Accel World and the backdoor placed on her nerual linker that her boyfriend Taku placed. I was wondering why she looked to be pissed off when she saw Haru watching her in gym class.

I think the only things I liked about this episode was the idea of Haru and Taku fighting as a tag team in the Accel World. Theres a very short clip of them fighting, well I don’t think I can call a less than 15 seconds scene a clip.

I just hope when Haru links with The Bouncer we get a great battle for episode 7. My favorite scene was when Chiyu was throwing books at Taku so he could show her that the Accel World is real, then she throws one at Haru and he forgets to use Burst Link to avoid it.


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  1. Hello! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the great work!

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