Mysterous Girlfriend X – The Mysterous Test Tube

Story: C
Nazo no Kanojo X episode 3 really starts out with Akira finding out his friend Ueno is dating a girl when he walks in to the classroom and sees them kissing, in episode 2 he told Akira that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

As the episode progresses we learn that Akira was jealous of Ueno already at the kissing stage of his relationship with his girlfriend which sets Akira on a war path to kiss Mikoto. Later in the episode a guy in the class, Ogata asks Mikoto to be his girlfriend.

Now will Mikoto stay with Akira or will we date Ogata?

Characters: B
The same wacky elements are in play in this episode, drool, drool, and more drool from Mikoto.

My only question is how does she know what to do for her drool to affect Akira the way she wants? This is more of an episode 2 thing then anything else.

Sound: A
The sound for the episode nothing that great but the voice acting is still perfect.

Animation: A-
What separates the animation in this episode from the first two is we see Mikoto’s face a lot better, which I hope becomes normal for the rest of the series.

Overall: C+
Though I did like the episode the plot of the episode wasn’t that enjoyable compared to the last two episodes. If this was actually the second episode it would have been great. In episode two they seem to be getting closer to each other and in this episode they seemed to be growing apart, their screen time together was really poor.

The only thing that saved this episode to me was the off the wall comment when Akira was getting mad during lunch


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