Kuchisake Onna – Slit Mouth Woman

Story: D
Kuchisake-onna starts out with a magazine looking for a horror story which they call “Investigation: Urban Legend Number 5. The Mystery of the Slit-Mouth Woman”. The reporter following this, Kato, has been working on the case and has been missing for the last 3 days, Yoko’s boss pretty much forces her into looking for him.

The Mouth-Slit woman is said to be in a local hospital that closed down suddenly 3 years ago, now anyone that enters the room see her and becomes a victim to her murderous spirit.

Characters: F

Theres really no depth to the characters, 90% of the cast are on camera twice, the first time having sex, next time if they don’t die just a few seconds.

Sound: B
The sound is worth hearing, at the parts where the mouth-slit woman shows up has rich deep bass, which if you have surround with great speakers it worth turning them on then.

Direction: F
The direction of this film was really terrible, it was mostly focused on sex! Out of films 63 minutes I would be relaxed enough to bet at least 40 of it was focused on sex. I know this is a Pinku genre film but if you’re not going to tell a story cut out what little talking and trying to be horror sections out and sell it as a softcore porn movie.

The end of the movie really explains why there was so much sex taking place in the movie, yet it doesn’t do the movie justice, because all the sex scenes just felt out-of-place. You have 10 sex scenes within 63 mins, then a 5 second explanation about how the curse was passed on…and cue credits. I think there was no script for this movie.

Overall: F

Kuchisake-onna better known as The Mouth Slit Woman is the first movie of the franchise, released in 1996, it’s not to be confused for the other and A HELL OF A BETTER movie called Kannô byôtô: nureta akai kuchibiru also known as The Mouth Slit Woman that was released in 2005.

To be honest this movie had tons of room to be a great movie it even had some of the best make up effects then the newer ones sadly, I quickly noticed that this movie was going to be nowhere fast. Due to the fact people kept going to the hospital, to her room to have sex. Like moths to a flame for some reason.

Needless to say I was extremely disappointed in this film, I was expecting it to be creepy like the other movies in this franchise but the only creepy feeling I got from it was “Who were the people who actually went to see this piece of shit?” and “People thought this piece of shit was worth making?!”.


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