AKB0048 – Uneraseable Dream

Story: B

AKB0048 is set in the future where music is illegal and theres no idol signs everywhere, the series is about 4 girls who are trying out to be members of the 77th generation pop group AKB48.
Uneraseable Dream starts out 4 years before to show where all the girls got their dream to become members of AKB48, they are shown walking through the sewers to get there. 4 years later they hear that AKB48 are looking new members, even though music is illegal they all record their audition tape.

Characters: F
The characters are really bland and unoriginal, it’s what you would expect from any anime with a full or mostly full cast of girls: Shy, normal, mean, and wimp the basic formula for girl animes. Even the challenges their facing aren’t even that original, I guess for the girls the journey is more important then having a good reason to chase a dream.

Animation: C
Pretty average in terms of characters, yet exceeds in foreground and background detail. Im not sure if its my encoding or not but the AKB concert was a blurry and fuzzy edge eyesore even though the rest of the episode looked decent.

Sound: A-
Now this is where my AKB fanboyism takes over, I liked the voice acting though it might have been better to get actual voice actors to do the roles instead of actual AKB members but I can’t complain they did well so far and the acting they get into their roles. A minor detail I noticed to back up that part is Mayu’s character is talking while stomping her feet she says the words that Chieri’s foot hits the ground a bit sharper, good voice acting!

Overall: C+

Again Fanboyism may apply!
I’m on the fence about this episode, it wasn’t what I was expecting, I knew of the AKB48 members that where selected for this anime but when I hear of AKB48 doing an anime, I think of some off the wall , something like an up-beat comedy, slice of life, school cross over, something like A Channel meets School Rumble.

A major bonus for this series so far is the choice of AKB48 songs, I’m glad they picked one of their most popular songs and one of my favorite ones “Aitakatta” to sing during the concert. As well as that song a slew of other songs I liked was heard in this episode. I was worried that they would only play their newer songs sort of promotion of their new single or cd, well I’m sure it could turn into that because there’s 12 episodes left of the 13 episode run.

I actually think AKB could be aliens coming to Earth to take over, AKB is doing just that. Members have been in movies, tv shows, magazines everytime I’m trying to get to the manga section of Weekly Sh┼Źnen Magazine due to their manga being there, a song was even being sung in an episode of Kamen Rider Fourze. If their taking over the world, I wouldn’t mind!


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