Accel World – Aviation

Story: F
Episode 5 starts off where the cliff hanger from episode 4 ends, Akira starting a duel with Cyan Pile before he can get to Kuroyukihime. Cyan Pile just happens to be Taku, who is Chiyu’s boyfriend and friend of Akira.

This episode has Cyan Pile versus Silver Crow in a duel.

Characters: C

Once again before Akira gains a new power for his avatar he starts to feel sorry for himself and after spilling his heart to Kuroyukihimehime’s avatar gains a new fighting abilty. Taku really was the only character that had something new to bring to the table, he was just pissed off, cocky, and yelling the whole episode. It actually got boring after a while.

Sound: D
Unrealistic sound, I know this is a fantasy anime series but everything just had a underproduced sound to it. Not to mention the lack luster soundtrack in this episode which was hardly a few minutes playing faintly in the background.

Animation: B
The battlefield had a lot of good detail and caught my eye.

Overall: D
I have to say after waiting a full week to find out what happens after that cliff hanger of Akira punching “Duel” the wait was not worth it at all. An episode of just fighting, if you can even call this a fight. Taku was kicking Akira’s ass the whole way through and the only thing that saved him was his new ability to fly. Now Akira is going to run from you on the ground and once you kick his ass enough he’ll run and fly to the sky.

The only thing I did like about this episode was it ends and they couldn’t even do that correctly, we get to almost learn Kuroyukihime’s first name which I can’t wait cause her last name is a bitch to have to type out. This episode sucked and Im going to pretend it didn’t happen, if fact I’ll just chalk this one up to a drunken dream and that episode 5 airs next week.


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