Accel World – Declaration

Story: A-
Declaration starts off with Akria and his friend Chiyu direct linking to each others linkers, Akira is looking to see if Chiyu is the Brain Buster user Cyan Pile, which as been after Kuroyukihime. He notices that Chiyu’s linker has a backdoor in it and he ignores it because the hacker could be alerted that he’s found it.

The episode really picks up towards the end when Akira and Kuroyukihime are about to be hit by a car, they burst link right at the last moment and Kuroyukihime uses a skill that only level 9 Brain Buster linker are able to use called Physical Full Burst which allows them to be able to move their psychical body while in the Accelerated World.

Characters: B

The characters for this episode really leapt in huge bounds, Akira finally stops feeling sad for himself at the end of the episode and we really understand Kuroyukihime’s and Chiyu’s true feelings towards him.

Sound: B-
The sound was really good, a lot better than past episodes mostly due to the hard rock guitar music that plays for a good amount in it. Also I think I’m finally getting use to the voice actor’s voices.

Animation: B-

Overall: B+
This episode is mostly an emotional one due to the amount of love thats being showed for Akira by Kuroyukihime and Chiyu. The most heartbreaking thing happens too which I will admit made me curse the studio and writers for taking. I can only hope that Akira’s rage is shown in the battle that will start episode 5 towards Cyan Pile.

Now that we know who they really are outside the accelerated World I can only think he is going to be mostly absent for the rest of the series which is good, never really liked them anyway.
All in all this was the only good episode from start to finish so far, and I can tell its only going to get better cause Kuroyukihime’s words touched Akira and really gave him a new and better reason to fight instead of her.


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