Nazo no Kanojo X – Mysterous Bond

Story: B+

Episode 2 starts the day after episode 1, Akira’s friends are rating the girls in the class on girlfriend ranking, little do they know that Akira and Mikoto are dating. Akira is out of luck and asks his friend Ueno about what people do that just started dating.

The episode makes an odd time jump to about a month after Akira and Mikoto have been dating and they haven’t even held hands yet, for some reason Mikoto says there’s no need for that right now.

The whole episode shows how Akira is trying to get closer to her and try to do more things that couple does such as hold hands and go out on dates.

Characters: A

I liked that the characters sorta evolved with some depth and finally showing emotions towards each other. I also love how Mikoto is becoming even more bit of a psychopath, mainly due to her skills with a pair of scissors that she keeps in her panties.

Sound: B
Good sound effects and of course Ayako Yoshitani’s voice as Mikoto which doesn’t follow the normal female voice in anime.
In episode 2 we get the theme song, its more of an upbeat pop song, one I would expect a pop group like AKB48 or perhaps Mouring Mousme would sing, I actually didn’t hate it which is shocking.

Animation: B+
Pretty good, not the best or the worst but it just somehow feels right and fits the whole anime just perfectly somehow.

Overall: A-
This episode is a bit slower but I did like how Akira is trying to get closer to Mikoto, as well as their whole ritual they do is getting stranger and stranger as the days go by. Mikoto also shows her special ability when she tastes Akira’s drool and is able to see whats going on is head, mostly the odd dream he had of her the night before.

I will say that this is one of the best somewhat romance anime series I’ve seen since School Rumble and did I need one of those to finally be able to watch and enjoy every second of.


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