Nazo no Kanojo X – Mysterious Girlfriend

Story: B
Nazo no Kanojo X or better known as Mysterious Girlfriend X follows the main character Akira Tsubaki, who lives with his sister, who is also your normal high school teenager. It seems like the everyday day at school with a new transfer student Mikoto Urabe is the new student.

It isn’t until Akira gets sick and Mikoto goes to see him claiming to have his homework for school does the series really picks up. Now what else happens in the first episode is really odd.

Characters: A
I really loved the characters in this episode though it’s all about Akira and Mikoto.
Mikoto is just strange, thats the only way I can put it, from the scene to her laughing in the middle of class to the scene where she tells Akira what happens to her when shes happy, I thought how could this character get any more weird, than I remember this is only the first episode.

Akira well they could have done more with him to make him stand out more, but I have a feeling that unlike Mikoto his character is going to grow over time of the series.

Sound: C
Other then voice acting of the 2 characters the sound was really sub par. I really hated the ED the song just don’t really fit in, as well as the ED not fitting in the music in the episode also didn’t fit in my opinion. The music just reminded me of a jewel box’s music.

Animation: B
Animation is pretty solid all the way through, its however not as great as when Akira is talking about his dream but thats no way in saying the animation doesn’t fit the series.

Overall: A

I liked this first episode, it was really just the weirdest episode of anime I’ve seen for a while. Really no questions are left in your head after seeing this, its good and bad. Its good cause you’re not left wondering whats going to happen next, and its bad because the next episode has nothing to pull from or a place to start from. I do suggest that people want this series just be warned,you just might walk away with a new fear like I did after watching this.


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