Accel World – Transformation

Story: B
Transformation finally starts to answer the questions that episode 1 brought up and take place right after Arita looses his fight with the Ash Roller. Arita finally learns how to fight somewhat, about his avatar Silver Crow, Burst Points, and why Kuroyukihime is going out of her way for him.
Most of the episode takes place in the Accelerated World, so theres not that much to talk about.

Characters: D

No real new characters were introduced, no connection was made. Arita just pulls the I even feel sorry for myself card when Kuroyukihime is talking to him when she starts to say what she wants from him.

Sound: C
I still don’t like the sound but the music from the battle was a welcome change.

Animation: D
The animation was a bit worse than in the first episode but only the dusk battle field did the animation look great, other than that even the Ash Roller wasn’t looking that great. Looking back at the screenshots I noticed that no one has a nose when their looking directly at the camera other than Arita.

Overall: C-

It was a good attempt of a rebound episode after a first episode that answered nothing and made no attempt. The amount of things reveled in this episode was a tad of an overload. The fight between Silver Crow and Ash Roller was better than I thought, we go in knowing all of his moves and then against Ash pretty much nothing is going to work. I will confess, thankfully I think I can get into this anime after hearing many people say its terrible, I think Im going to give it some time to build to the story. Which for that it needs more than just 2 characters to drive the story.

I just wonder what Chiyu is going to do next episode, she was really a no-show this episode.


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