Accel World – Investigation

Story: C-
Before the OP starts in the short 1:40 odd seconds a lot is already thrown out. It has to do with Kuroyukihime, Arita, and Chiyu. Kuroyukihime proves her to “verify something” but she says its hard to explain, she proved her by say that she asked Arita to be her boyfriend, also that Kuroyukihime found Arita from Chiyu.

They go to a coffee shop to celebrate Arita’s first win and where Kuroyukihime tells him of the level system and a ton of information about the Brain Bust program more importantly about the “Six Kings of Pure Color”.
We also learn the reason why she picked Arita to be a Burst user, I won’t ruin it, I figure if you can stand the first 2 episodes I’ll leave her reason as a surprise.

Characters: D

Same old thing with Arita but this time it’s showed that Chiyu feels bad for him and pours out her feelings for him that shes been holding back for the past 2 years. I really wish they would shit or get off this pot. I’m really getting tired of everyone feeling sorry for Arita already. I really don’t know how much more guilt tripping for a character I can take! Enough guilt tripping and start building the characters to a level I can somewhat enjoy and grow to like by the end of the series please!

Sound: D
I really don’t actually remember a lot of the sound other than Chiyu’s pouring of emotions which had soft music to enhance the feeling for the scene. The music for this episode will not make it to the Accel World OST thats for sure.

Animation: C

Again the characters have a life-like quality to them other than Arita, who still looks like a mix between a snowman and a basketball.

Overall: C

When I look back on this series I’m not really going to remember all of the massive chunk of information that Kuroyukihime told Arita, in fact in the few hours that I finished this episode I forgot most of it. There are 6 players known as the “Six Kings of Pure Color” that are level 9 out of the possible 10 that rule sections of the city and that there are roughly 1,000 Burst players in all.
Really this episode would have made a good episode 2 instead of 3, as this one really gives you the history of the program, the level rewards, and really nearly everything I actually wanted to know. Most important detail again is why Kuroyukihime wanted Arita to be a user.


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