Accel World – Acceleration

Story: D
Accel World takes place in a futurist world, in the year 2046. The series follows a high schooler named Arita Haruyuki, a short fat kid with little to no self-esteem. He is always bullied and forced to by Araya and his gang lunch.

The only escape he has from the real world is the virtual world from his Neuro Linker. It allows him to enter a virtual world as you become your avatar. He really only escapes to the virtual world to release stress by playing squash.

When he re-logs in the Vice President, known as Snow Black invites him to eat lunch with her tomorrow. The next day at school he goes to have lunch with Kuroyukihime, known as Snow Black in the virtual world.

Araya finds him and punches him knocking him into her. It was her plan to help him by making sure that Araya and his friends can no longer pick on him. During lunch she sends him a program called “Brain Bust” which allows him to “accelerate”.

This program and the ability to accelerate will play huge parts as he finds out the next day when he logs back in with his Neuro Linker after Kuroyukihime tells him not to log in until the next day, 24 hours, he soon finds himself in a fight that only those with “Brain Bust” and the ability to “accelerate” participate in.

Characters: D

The characters in this first episode are terrible, none of them are nowhere as annoying and pitiful as Arita. He really plays the run of the mill overweight high schooler. He gets picked on and runs and hides in the bathroom. Only difference is unlike outside of anime we don’t have Neruo Linkers but if we did then there would no difference from a real kid that gets picked on and Araya.

Kuroyukihime seems to be the only character in this episode you can actually like, shes calm, but I wish she would have explained things a lot better. Really with a bit more explanation on whats going on perhaps the episode wouldn’t have been so boring.

Sound: C
Though I didn’t like the OP song or the ED song the voice acting was great, minus Arita. I guess theres nothing about him that I can really say is decent let alone great about his character yet.

Animation: D

Animation is hit and miss. Animation on everyone besides Arita is great, but on him terrible. I wish they would have tried some common ground here. Theres been other anime characters that are overweight and not up to par in animation but still was about to fit in. For example the fat guy in School Rumble. But Arita just doesn’t fit in with the group.

Overall: F

Accel World really missed me with their first episode, it just reminded me a lot of the movie The Matrix as he can long into a virtual world. I really just felt there was no direction, nothing was really explained at all so your stuck wondering why is this happening, is this some important fact, and then at the end your forced to say episode 1 made no sense. As I said in the character review it would have been a better episode of Kuroyukihime explained at least SOMETHING other than what “accelerate” is, I really didn’t care what it is, you can figure out just by watching the episode, I wanted to know whats the use for it. As the preview of episode 2 shows more acceleration and no explanation or at least not in the preview.


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