.hack//GU Movie

Story: A-
The movie .Hack//GU Movie takes place 6 months after the intro. After seeing Shino, a girl he knows getting PKed (Player Killed) in a church, Haseo becomes a PKer (Player Killer) in The World as he hunts for the user known as “Tri-Edge”. He’s known mostly as “The Black PKer” and also known as “The Terror of Death”.

When Haseo meets his old friend Ovan, Ovan informs him of Shino, who after getting PKed in The World fell into a coma for unknown reasons. He also tells Haseo that for the 6 months that he has been gone hes been looking for clues about Tri-Edge and informs Haseo that Tri-Edge is going to return and wants him to fight Tri-Edge.

After Haseo is PKed by Tri-Edge he finds himself back to being a level 1 character in a mysterious room called the “Serpent of Lore”/, this is where he meets 3 people who call themselves Project GU. They tell him of something called AIDA and those killed by them fall into a coma, which means Tri-Edge is one of the AIDAs. They tell him that his character has a hidden power to fight AIDA characters and they call characters with the power “Epitaph Users”. So now they want him to fight Tri-Edge again.

You really have to watch the movie to learn of Tri-Edge’s real nature and what Ovan has been up to the last 6 months. GU is very watchable.

Characters: A-
The characters in this movie are hard to forget, perhaps the best characters yet seen in any .Hack// series. You feel sorry for Haseo as Shino was really the only person in The World he cared for in The World.

So you can understand his rage when he fights Tri-Edge after 6 months of his hate building for him.

I actually wish they did something with Tri-Edge, I think he would have been perfect to actually be a villain in this movie. I was actually hoping for it cause he just has the look of a villain, he has no emotion, can kill without hesitating, but sadly no real speaking parts.

Animation: A
With the movie being CGI it really stands out from all the other .Hack// games and anime. I think going with CGI was worth the expensive bill I know it had to cost. Yet with CGI you can get better and more crisp colors and better movement of the characters then you could with just animation.

Sound: A+
I actually loved the soundtrack, the soundtrack carries the emotions and the sound is perfect. The voice actors are better than I expected them to be and sounds from the fights I don’t think could be better from the sounds of swords hitting each other the nice battle music.

Overall: A

With the .Hack//GU movie being by far the best looking and deepest story of all the Hack media I have to say its very high on my list of anime, in the top 50 if not in the top 25. Ive seen every .Hack// series ever released, played all the games, and read all the manga and still the characters and story are by far my favorite. Haseo is a character you can really start to like as an Epitaph User or as a PKer, I liked him as a PKer cause his armor was bad ass. At the end of the movie you see how much he cares about Ovan even though you might not agree with him after everything that happens in the 93 minutes that the movie runs.

Some of the things I didn’t talk about in the view are some of the best parts of the movie, a trailer of the movie shows a few things, might be a bit of a spoiler like my past reviews but its worth watching.

I just hope the new .Hack// movie that comes out later this year is better or just as good, it’s going to be hard to beat this movie in my option.


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