Another #12 Stand by Oneself

Story: A+
#12 Stand by Oneself is the final episode of Another and by far one of the best. The story finally puts an end to who the extra student is and they happen to be someone I never would have expected!

I actually don’t know where to start to review this episode so I won’t, this is a great series so I suggest you to watch it.

Characters: A
The students of Class 3 or those that are still alive are still crazy at trying to find out who the extra student is and all are trying to kill that person so the curse will end so they won’t die.

Sound: A
Really hard to review the sound as it’s the same as episode 11. Just a bit better, full of rage, and great voice acting.

Animation: A+

Overall: A+
As I said we finally see who the extra student is

To be honest there’s been clues at who the extra person is the whole series but the way the series is written you never actually pay that much attention to them. I just thought it was just trivial things being said until Mei tells him and they show flash backs to all the clues, that’s when I thought, how stupid can my ass be?!

But the series ends with the tape being placed back to help future class 3 students.

Now the next dose of Another will come later this year with the OVA Another 0-chan that will be about my favorite character of the series Mei

I already can not wait for the OVA to be aired cause I will not miss it for the world.


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