Another #11 Makeup

Story: B

#11 Makeup starts a tad strange even for this series, we see a younger Matsunaga talking about how he stopped the curse, and we find out whats making Naoya freak out, it has to do with Tomohiko Kazami a class rep and one of the people who went to see Kōichi in the hospital in episode 1.

The last bit I’ll give away is on the way outside Kōichi gets grabbed bu Maejima who is covered in blood was stabbed by someone in the resort. Halfway through the episode all hell actually breaks loose as the tape that Kōichi and his friends found in the old classroom gets played on the resort’s PA system. Now that everyone knows how to stop the curse, well you can picture the bloodbath.

All I can say about this episode is if this isn’t the final episode then holy shit, my head is going to explode, more so if the deaths for the students is any better. I just can’t talk about this episode too much or I’ll ruin it.

Characters: A+
I swear everyone in this episode lost their mind once they heard how they can stop the curse. I learned how to forget what I thought I knew about them cause they all act like completely different people.

Sound: A+
Perhaps the best sound effects and intense voice acting to really drive this episode to another level.

Animation: A+

Overall: A+

This is where the series takes everything to a new level, there’s more death, fear, and the story really hits its peak. Sadly Mei hasn’t told us who the extra student is, maybe because she hasn’t really had enough time cause the students have turned into a large mob and the resort is pretty much a war zone. Maybe they should have held on to the tape instead of leaving it in a tape player out in the middle of the room on a table.


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