Another #10 Glass Eye

Story: A+

Right off the bat we learn about what happened to Ayano and Ogura, the 2 people who was outside the school when Kōichi and Naoya showed up to start searching for the object left behind in hopes to stop the curse. Theres already questions about the 2 girls already and if there’s punishment for trying to escape the curse before its ran its course.

#10 Glass Eye starts off with a flashback which does finally put an end to wondering about Kōichi’s connection with Akazawa, but the main focus of this episode is the class is on their summer break. They are going up the mountain to find the shrine that ended the curse for the past class 15 years ago.

#10 Glass Eye really refers to Mei’s left eye that came from a doll, in past episodes she finally shows us whats under her eye patch, tells us it allows her to see things others can’t, and than tells us how she lost her real eye. Really as shocking as that is the real power that her eyes has now makes sense to a certain degree.

Also we finally learn more about her, why she doesn’t talk that much to her mom, about her family, and about Misaki. Really the last half of the episode after dinner was really enough to make my head spin due to everything that is said in Mei’s room at the hotel. I just hate the fact that right when Mei says she knows who the dead student is Naoya bursts into the room saying he’s just done something bad. I really wish he waited a few more seconds before he just broke down the door cause now we won’t know until the next episode perhaps they will make us sweat it out until the final episode.

Characters: A-

Really Mei saved this section as nothing but bitterness from Akazawa was being shown, and it’s because she’s back to being a major bitch and putting the blame on Mei for the curse showing up since her and Kōichi where talking to each other since his first day at school. I guess that pretty much made her exist in a way.

Sound: B
Good crisp sound effects in this episode, mostly rain and thunder but there are other things as well.

Animation: A+

Overall: A+
New things that are being shown a bit late, but better late then never. We finally know a lot more about Mei and to be honest more than I would have thought, quiet people I guess hold the most secrets which in her case is true. You have an artificial eye that came from a doll after you lost your eye, somehow you can see through it, and the story of your family and your connection to Misaki. Yeah for sure my favorite female anime character.

#10 Glass Eye almost took #09 Body Paint’s spot as my favorite Another episode just from the last 10 minutes! But as I draw closer to the end of this series I get closer to Another’s #00 episode with is about Mei which I’ll be happy to watch! Now I wonder what Naoya has done that he had to interrupt us from finding out who the dead student is!


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