Another #09 Body Paint

Story: A+
#09 picks up with Nakao’s funeral after getting hit by a boat, the news traveled back to Yomiyama where people are already placing the blame on Kōichi for talking to Mei on his first day at school. Early on in the episode we learn that Nakao was already dead before the boat had hit him thus he was already dying when they left town.

Now they must try to end the curse with an item Matsunaga keeps saying he left in the class room that he left after he stopped it 15 years ago when he was a student in Class 3. The only way to find what ever it is he left for the future classes, is for them to search the old class room. They decide to meet up in the art club’s room also in the old building but they find Mei they’re working on a drawing.

Words can’t even begin to describe the bar I had set for this episode to rebound from that terrible beach episode, which is watchable but you’ll learn nothing new, in fact I would suggest skipping it, but #09 Body Paint not only beat the bar its by far the best episode yet in the series. Theres so many factors at work, but none stronger than the mystery of the object Matsunaga left behind for the future Class 3 to find. I will say that if you don’t like cliff hangers you’ll start to go crazy towards the end of the episode.

Also another way this beat the bar is 2 deaths in this episode and both are shocking, I expected the person to die one way then the series just throws a curve at me. With 3 episodes sadly left and how it can still catch me off guard I can only wonder about the object Matsunaga left behind and who are going to be the students left alive at the end, plus I’m starting to get an idea on “who is dead”.

Characters: B-
Well we’re sorta back where the anime started off at, students sorta being more reserved around Kōichi as they blame him for starting this whole curse by talking to Mei after she was voted to be the student that won’t exist that year, not helping the fact that Nakao died while at the beach with him.

Sound: A
Great solid sound, the music helps enhance the mood and the sound effects such as the lightning, rain, and even insects are perfect with setting this episode.

Animation: A+

Overall: A+
So many details are being set for the later episodes and in the AV room I would be lying if I said I wasn’t really into the moment of the story being told, why couldn’t this be an hour-long episode, this is worse than torture!!


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