Another #8 Hair Strand

Story: F
#08 Hair Strand is about some of the members of Class 3 going out-of-town to find the guy who has said he stopped the curse midway through the school year 15 years ago.

Hair Strand to me was a waste of an episode, it follows my least favorite type of episode “a beach episode”. I hated Hair Strand as it takes a break from the story and is really about the characters having fun, since they know that the curse doesn’t follow you if you leave town they let their guard down. Even Mei shows up at the beach, she’s with her parents at their summer beach house. Mei reveals that she’s not close to her family and that her dad mostly works outside the country but comes home every now and then.

My thoughts as each second this was playing!

If a guy didn’t die at the end of the episode I really wouldn’t be so sure this WAS actually Another, I just hope this beach scene and peacefulness was a one episode deal because I hated it. Only good thing about it is the episode comes out of nowhere with the death of the student, ah he was a worthless one anyway. He was so worthless I don’t think they showed him before this episode.

Characters: B
Characters are a lot more relaxed and more themselves once they get out-of-town and actually joke and have fun.

Animation: A+

Sound: C
The great sound track that accompanies the anime must have went on break this episode too. Hardly any background music just the same great voice acting we’ve come to expect and love.

Overall: F

With a lack of a story to drive this episode and as the picture above states never mind him along with this episode, just skip it. I really wonder what was the point? I’m not sure if its to run the series to a normal 12 episodes which cutting this episode out would have made it an 11 episode series which many have done and didn’t lore you to sleep due to boredom. I hope they got the whole fun in the sun part over and I hope they get back to the story driven episodes PRONTO!


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