Another #07 Sphere joint

Story: B
#07 Sphere joint. starts exactly where #06 Face to Face left off, with the teacher in the class room with a kitchen knife where he kills himself in front of the class.

Afterwards when police search his house, the level of stress is discovered with a shocking find. It seemed that the efforts of having two students not existing that year isn’t going to be enough to stop the curse.

With having two students that don’t exist and the curse still in effect the class now stops pretending that Mei and Kōichi don’t exist. Also now they try to figure out how to stop the curse together while trying find out “who is dead.”

We also learn something that I didn’t see coming, we learn why the doll in the doll shop that ,Kōichi would always find Mei near, looks like her. It’s a doll Mei’s sister who was born still-born.

Characters: B
We learn of a few new characters nothing really major but one will play a good role in the up coming episodes. For the main part the characters are the same as always just that now that Mei and Kōichi are now back to existing they now work together to stop the curse as a class now.

Animation: A+

Sound: B+
The sound is a lot better than the last episode, the great soundtrack that plays during the episode is one of the better ones, as well as the nice touch of the wind blowing on the rooftop.

Overall: A-
I liked this episode, now that they gave up on having two non-existing classmates back to none, we can finally have progression on characters which other than Kōichi we know little about, even Mei is starting to open up which with her being my favorite character of the series, if not favorite female character of any anime I’ve seen, can’t be bad. I can only think of whats going to unfold in the next episode which the preview showed my least favorite types of episodes, “a beach episode”.
On top of having a great episode it was a nice change of pace, starts off fast, then adds a new question and ends on a good creepy note. If I was Kōichi we would have had another student die of a heart attack!

I have a new fear of life-sized human like dolls now, thanks Mei!


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