Another – #06 Face to Face

Story: B+

Face to Face really tells a lot of the curse of Class 3, it starts with Mei being asked questions about her being picked as the student that won’t exist that year. Since one class stopped the curse by pretending that a student doesn’t exist anymore seemed to work and every class since doing the same.

After school Mei walks Kōichi out she explains why there’s now 2 students that don’t exist and finally explains to him about how she lost her eye and a little of the origin of her left eye.

As the episode nears the end we learn from the Liberian, who was also the home room teacher of Class 3 when Kōichi’s mom was a student, that the success rate is actually 50%. We also find the true nature of the curse and what happens to students that die from it from him as well as a little more information of Misaki.

Once again though the episode was much slower than the others, or at least once the curse started, I still loved this episode. It asks questions such as “Why did they decide to make two people nonexistent?” and it answered quite a few and shed new light on the curse itself and what it does down the line. How to tell if the person is involved with the curse is sorta hinted early on in the episode but not direct so it seems like an odd remark.

The ending of the episode, that leads into episode #07 is by far one of the best cliff hangers of an anime series I’ve ever seen. I actually screamed “Why does the episode have to end now!” I’m not sure if Another could do a terrible episode, I have to say it’s already in my top 3 anime series of all time, and this is just the 6th episode.

Characters: B-
The characters are all the same but we find Mei starting to open up and be more than helpful to fill in the missing pieces of the Class 3 curse. We also meet Mei’s mom for a few moments but she really has little to actually say.

I’m giving this a lower score as not much is really done with them this episode, as it’s just to fill in the gaps of the curse and a change of pace.

Animation: A+
A picture is worth a thousand words and once again Im utterly speechless!

*Thankfully that was a day-dream!

Sound: C
Same great voice acting but no real soundtrack for the episode, it’s really just voice acting in this one. I want the great soundtrack back!

Overall: B

Nice episode and a great way to answer questions that have been killing me. Why are their two students now that don’t exist, why doesn’t every year just act like a student doesn’t exist to stop the curse, and others. Now I know and that’s good, finally I understand it. It really wasn’t helpful for the students not to answer the questions early one. But thankfully episode #07, the curse will strike again, well not directly and really I’m not sure if it was because of the curse or not.


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