Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai – Menma Search Party

Story: F
Menma Search Party is just what the title suggests, it starts out in the woods with Hisakawa relieving himself when he sees a woman in a dress, much like the ones Menma wore when she was younger.

Meanwhile in the day Menma wakes Jintan and pretty much forces him to go back to school, again using her still forgotten wish to be fulfilled to get him to go to school. When Jintan makes his way to school he runs into Naruko and than after her friends show up and pretty much insult him and say that Naruko likes him, Jintan then pretty much says to hell with school I’m not going.

Later in the episode at the cookout at their childhood hang out and no sign of Menma’s ghost walking in the woods after Atsumu shows up he tells them that he seen Menma’s ghost by the stream, which leads into episode 4.

For me this episode was a waste, the series was getting better and then out of no where the series dropped to a new low. This episode really added nothing to the story and to me seems like a filler. Really the only touching moment was from a flashback when Jintan came home from school was Menma making muffins like his mom use to make when they were younger and the flashbacks of his mom. I really can’t tell if posting a review of this series is worth the half hour of suffering it puts me though to watch it.

Characters: F
I still hate the characters in this series minus Hisakawa, he’s the only character I still like

The others, they really do nothing but talk and Jintan’s nature of being a “hermit” as Naruko’s friends call him at times is starting to get old. His cold nature really prevents us getting to know more about the characters because ones they start to open up to him he cuts them off.

Animation: D

Still the same good and bad animation. Great background and mixed with seemingly unfinished characters.

Sound: C+
The sound was a bit of a downgrade with somber and touching music at times such as the lengthy flashback of Jintan’s mom and muffins she would always make.

Overall: D-

Like I said I didn’t like this episode, it seems like a filler to stall the story. Since I haven’t posted my wish its for this series to be worth watching. Im dropping this series and Im just going to look to see what the hell her wish is. I can’t suffer though 8 more episodes just to find out.


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