Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai – Super Peace Busters

Story: F
The story in episode 1 of Ano Hi Mita Hana is actually in the top 3 of worst first episodes Ive ever seen. The whole episode really has no direction its just all over the place from the first scene to the last one.

Ano Hi Mita Hana opens showing Jinta playing video games and then Menma just showing up out of nowhere, it doesn’t explain how long shes been hanging around him but it must have been a while due to him already trying to tun her out. One of the odd things at first is it seems that everyone carries on without paying her any mind other then Jinro.

The whole episode really just shows how much Jinro and his past childhood friends have drifted apart from each other in the last few years, which is supported with many annoying and out of nowhere flashbacks of them all playing together as young kids, now in high school many of them look down on Jintan for no reason.

The story really hits a sad note when Menma goes to her house to see her parents and brother, this where we learn why people seem to never notice her which really isn’t a surprise while watching the episode, but its because Menma actually died while she was younger.

For the bigger questions not answered yet are: “Why is Jintan the only person that can see her?” and “What is her wish that she wants to be fullfilled?”

Characters: D-

Jintan, really in this episode its hard to really like or hate him he tries to stay cooped up to himself (hes a hikikomori) even after an old childhood friend stops by he later refers to her as “that rotten bitch”.

Menma I really didn’t like her character in the first episode, she seems so whiney about everything. She doesn’t know why shes really there with Jintan other then she has a wish she wants to be fullfiled. I can already tell, shes going to be one of those characters that Im going to add to my most hated characters of all-time list.

The other characters really just pop in then leave after a few words, really helpful when trying to add to a story right?!

Animation: D
Its actually good and bad, the scenes of when Jintan and Menma are walking around the anime is rich in detail but on characters for the most part the way the characters are drawn seem like their sorta unfinished.

Yet the character design is surprisingly better then I would think of an anime on the subject Ano Hi tackles. The design isn’t that original but for the sake of the characters it does a good job keeping them from blending in with each other.

Sound: D
Really with annoying voice actors, more so on the part of Menma (too damn happy and excited for a dead girl), and the fact theres really no music to enchance the true emotions to the episode other then the end theme while hes dashing around trying to find Menma the sound was one I would rather make up my own voices in my head, playing a good soundtrack of music on my iPod, and just putting the anime on mute would be good advice I would give people who watch this.

Overall: F

I really have nothing positive to say about this and I think Ive done well with tearing this first episode a new one, this was really a series I gave a shot at while it was airing but ended up dropping it due to the first episode being a complete and utter waste of a half hour, now a waste of an hour cause its my second time watching the first episode.

Another thing I hated about the episode was the fact they waste nearly the full episode to confirm what I knew was going to happen, that Menma is dead. I pretty much had that feeling when she was pretty much climbing on his back screaming she wants egg soup as well, then he makes 2 bowls and his dad not saying something along the lines “What about Mena’s?” I think it would be a better twist is if all of his friends could see Menma as well, then throw the curve at her house that shes dead.

For now Im going to keep biting bullets and clawing at my eyes to power through the rest of the episodes, I think I know what her wish is and its two choices, if Im right I will not be shocked I’ll be pissed!


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