Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai – Menma the Brave

Story: C
Menma the Brave starts off where the first episode ended with Jinta in the old hang out where him and friends made their club together, where he expected to find Menma when she ran off but finds his old friend Hisakawa, who unlike everyone else hasn’t changed and is still friendly.

Hisakawa remembers a few things about the gang’s childhood and a few things that Menma’s wish might be, one is Nokemon like they all use too when Menma was a live only trick is they all have to be together for her wish to be fullfilled. One of the troubles is getting Naruko to agree to it. It isn’t until Hisakawa tells her about it being Menma’s wish that she starts looking for the game.
Towards the end of the episode Jinta and Naruko finally get the rare Nokemon “Friendship King” that Hisakawa remembers Jinta promising it to Menma before she died, for the time Naruko put into helping him she asks for a favor and thats for him to come back to school.

I actually felt this episode was a lot better then the first episode, not that I think it could have been worse, but the name for the episode “Menma the Brave” is really misleading. She did nothing but wonder around town alone.

I think the only good part of this episode is the flash backs about Naruko’s true feelings about Menma is shown, shes actually jeaouls of her since shes closer to Jinta then she was as a kid, and the other part is when Menma says that Naruko hasn’t changed.

I can really see that its about to drop into a hidden love angle with Jinta and Naruko now, still nothing new from this series, its far too common and too for-seeable.

Characters: C+

The characters are slowly starting to show their true feelings about the news that Jinta is seeing Menma now also a nice bump thanks to Hisakawa, perhaps the only character I’ll like from the series. He still hasn’t done anything that stands out but something about him I just like.

Animation: D
Animation is really lacking, other then the great backdrop and scenes from a far the characters still lack detail, almost as if they wheren’t finished. If only the detail was more like Menma when she got out of the shower or the heated conversation with Naruko and Tsuruko I could actually say its decent.

Sound: B
The sound is a big step up from the first episode more music is played in the episode instead of just certain moments, it actually fits in with whats going on, though I think it could be more depressed in sound to really feed the emotion of the scene. How ever though I do love the voice acting of Ai Kayano in her other roles her voice of Menma is very terrible to me.

Overall: D
Its getting better thankfully
But its still a way to go to win me over or for me to recommend this series to friends. I still think its building but until then I wouldn’t even recommending this anime to people looking for a similar series. Im still not regretting me dropping this series the first go around but after watching this I now have another idea on what her wish is, and it happened the day she died too. Im still not going to say what it is until I review the final episode and then I’ll post the 3 that Im mulling over and looking for clues to support them as I watch.


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