Prince of Tennis II- Return of the Prince

Story: B
Story of this Prince of Tennis takes place in a U-17 camp for tennis players, it takes place after the Championship OVA where the Seishun Academy Tennis Club won.

The camp is where they try and make even the best U-17 (Under 17 years old) players even better but the tennis club was sent an invitation. Even after winning the Nationals they have to prove their skills even before they make it to the main camp grounds by knocking over 3 ball cans with only 5 balls to do so. When the club makes it to the main grounds another challenge awaits after an announcement from the strategic coach Kurobe that 300 new students there is too many, and after dropping 250 balls that those who can not get one will be forced to leave.

This is where the rest of the cast from other schools make their appearance and are able to snag more then their fair share of balls.

Really with only one tennis ball still unclaimed Echizen shows up just in time from his trip to America to grab the ball.

I really found this episode to be a bit of let down as Im a huge fan of the series, there was really not a lot of action in it, but I know it sets up a great opening and shows the 3 most powerful players in the camp. But the idea that they get challenged to a match was really the only saving grace from a boring episode and it shows that the high schoolers at the camp take them lightly due to the fact their just middle schoolers.

Characters: A
As I said being a huge fan of the series Im glad to see that their all back even Tooyama who really only showed up in the OVA of the National Tournament.

I just wish they allowed him to be as funny as he was in the OVA. Yet all the other characters really haven’t changed at all

Animation: B+
While animation on backgrounds and the main focus point are outstanding in comparison to original series.

Sound: C+
The sound is a bit on the unrealistic sound due to the sonic booms from tennis balls and the lack of a soundtrack in this episode, it needs up-beat music to get the action to really flowing. The opening song and closing to me doesn’t really fit.

Overall: B-
It really was decent not really worth the 7 year wait after the anime ended its run (2001-2005, not counting the OVAs and movies). But it really is just a setting up episode like all first episodes, the way it ends and you know the characters you know that a great tennis match is going to be soon, and when it does happen, I can’t agree more with this screenshot.


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