Gloomy Salad Days: Xiao Qing 筱青

Story A+
Episode 2 is a follow-up and the complete ending of the first episode Huang He 黃禾. The story is mostly about Huang He’s connection to his teacher Jiang Ping and their child together

3 months before the story happened Jiang gave birth to her and Huang He’s son, she begins to actually annoy Huang with the kid because Huang doesn’t want his future destroyed due to his sexual relationship with his teacher who was married at the time. He didn’t want child to be born so he finds Du’s rock after meeting and talking to Mrs. Jiang. Back in the present time frame Mrs. Jiang tells He that she’s quitting her job at the school and leaving to go teach in her hometown, and gives him a vile of ashes from their child and tells him she hopes he keeps it to connect them together.

At the end of school Chen Xiao Qing is on her way to meet Huang He since her brother didn’t steal the $6,000 he needed to pay He from the money their mom has been saving to pay for their dad’s hospital bill. Nothing he can say to her is enough for her to abandon meeting him and try to talk sense into him, besides she has a knife.

When she meets him on the rooftop Huang tells her he just wants to be friends with her but she knows what he’s like and a fight starts, too bad for her Huang knows martial arts and can easily defend himself from the swiss army knife. Once she’s done fighting he pours his real feelings out to her and she feels sorry for him.

I was really taking by this episode, it’s really a tear jerker, a lot of people who has seen the series will tell you that most of them where in tears at the end of the episode. It turns out that Huang He actually wasn’t a bad person, he was just bored of being the typical top student and wanted to be the best and worst student he could be. He actually felt terrible and wanted to make amends for everything he’s done over the years but felt it was too late.

At the end of the episode Huang He dies, Ah Pang tells Du he wants him dead cause while they where fighting he didn’t see the whole thing and thinks Huang violated Chen Xiao Qing.

It isn’t until the next day that he finds the truth of what happened from Qing. The saddest thing is the last few scenes when Mrs. Jiang writes Huang a letter to explain things to him about her life after she left the school and their child.

I don’t want to spoil everything cause that picture already spoiled a few things already. But trust me: You NEED to see this episode and since I forgot to add Episode 1 to the last review just download the 2 episodes from these links.
Gloomy Salad Days – 01.mkv
Gloomy Salad Days – 02.mkv
I think I’ll add 2 links after every 2 episodes since they all follow each other.

The episodes actually ends with the next person a girl named Xiao Lin who gets Du’s stone from Ah Pang, who leaves it in Huang’s seat. After back in her dorm does Du show up to help her with her problems in life

Characters: A+
The characters from episode 1 have all become better and when you hate Huang He in the first episode in this episode you actually feel sorry for him and forgive him from being a bastard. You understand him better and sorta don’t want him to die.

What surprised me is that Du shows a lot of emotion in the episode nearly a different one each time she appears. You start to also understand her a bit as she’s not as mysterious as she use to be.

I actually wish she would have a bigger role then just as Du and interacted with people more. But Since I seen this series before and just re-watching I know it’s just a matter of time.

Direction: A+
The way the story is told is the same as the last episode as important things happened months ago and the story does a perfect job of setting it up and then returns to whats going on without confusing you. Also the ending is really a huge shock.

Sound: A+
Another powerful musical score that really enhances the emotion of the scene, cast that uses full emotions, and the best opening theme song. It really couldn’t be better.

Overall: A+
Trust me if you copy and paste the 2 episode links you’ll understand and agree with all the sections.


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  1. princejpmaodi

    huang he so cute

  2. I need to get around to watching the other episodes just been up to my neck in unwatched anime episodes trying to catch up.

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