Gokurakuin Joshikou Ryou Monogatari – Episode 1

Story: B-
The story is about popular and terrifying high school student named Kurihashi Minami

a girl from America who enrolls in the school Gokurakuin (“Gokujo”) from Los Angeles, and she plans to rule Gokujo with her cuteness as her weapon. However, a girl named Akabane Aya confounds Minami’s plans on her first day there, and Minami deals with the unpredictable life on this campus.

The story has been done in lots of anime episodes Ive seen like A Channel, however, not to extreme measures that Gokurakuin Joshikou Ryou Monogatari takes it. It’s the main focus and for a 5 minute per episode series it really puts as much humor as possible in that small time slot.

I really liked the episode, but once it the episode was over I wanted to know what else could happen.

Characters: B+
I liked the cast, they are funny and the meaness of Kurihashi was original to a point.

Animation: D
I guess this show is on a budget or just for the sake of being funny cause the animation isn’t the best, but it’s not the worst mini episode series thats running this season.

Sound: B
The sound is actually better than I thought the voice actors can really put emotion behind their words and the theme song is actually decent, though Im not into the music type.

Overall: B
With all the things that this series is bringing to the table which is funny material, a nice group of characters, and random events I can see myself watching this series many times over! It really took me by surprise and took anime in a direction I was not expecting.


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