Gloomy Salad Days: Huang He 黃禾

Story: A-
The Huang He episode is very hard to keep track of it, it’s because they throw all these characters at you even with the episode being 48 minutes it’s still enough to make your head spin trying to keep track of everyone. The episode starts with construction on the other side of the school that releases a rock that can connect a person to Du, the guardian of the Bridge of Helplessness and also called Death Girl.

The story really picks up as the story shows the torment that Huang He puts people through. He takes over the school gang called “The Cola-Gang” after they set him up the year before by making Ni Ke get him to drink a Coke that was spiked. When he wakes up he finds pictures taking of him and her while he was blacked out and to keep it from getting out he has to pay $100,000.

After taking the gang over he forces Ni Ke to become a prostitute, out of the $6,000 she earns he takes $5,000. This is how he blackmail Sha Dong to pay money after he’s forced to borrow $6,000 to sleep with Ni Ke.

Sha Dong has to make a choice now take the money his mom has been saving to pay for his dad’s hospital bill or Huang He will turn his sister into a prostitute like he did with Ni Ke. He warns his sister about Huang He and she asks her friend Ah Pang if she can borrow his knife so she can protect herself from Huang.

When watching this episode, after 20 mins and trying to keep up with events that are happening now and past events my head was swimming! I did enjoy the episode a lot and its only to get better as more things happen with them and Ah Pang’s grandmother’s predicting comes true

The only thing I didn’t like was the start of the episode where Huang is talking to Du, its not explained why in the first episode but in the second episode, I just feel that scene could have been cut out. Du should have first been introduced in Ah Pong’s dream where her real role in the series is explained, Only appears when someone can’t go through the most difficult part of their life and turns them into rocks to support the Bridge of Helplessness. Which is she tells them that if they can’t get through their troubled time in their life with her help only then would she become Death.

Not really important to this episode but play a part in the second episode is that Huang He has had sex with one of his teachers and she plans to quit teaching to be with him once he graduates school.

Characters: A+
Words can never express how much I loved the characters that are set up to be loved and how much I hated the characters they want you to hate. Huang He, that bastard, Ni Ke I felt sad for her getting ripped off like that, I would pitch in extra money for her, thats how bad I feel for her

Direction: A
At first the episode is everywhere in the past and then the preset catching you up with characters and introduce you to 10 people in this episode. But in the middle they do a better job with the direction of the story. I also like the tempo of the story, they give you a little at a time, then go to another character then comes back and show how their connected.

Sound: A+
I will say for a young cast they can actually act, I can’t think of the last time a cast this young really shocked me with a performance. Most of the cast in this episode was 18 to 19 which just shocks me.

The best thing about the sound is perhaps the best theme song I’ve ever heard

Overall: A+
This show is one of the best drama series I’ve seen in a long time if not ever. The series really picks up in the second episode as you get a better understanding of the events of episode one. I just have to question why I love this series so much but I know its because

Well maybe not happiness but I do get enjoyment out of it.


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