Black Rock ★ Shooter- How Much Louder Do I Have to Shout?

Story: F
In another world, the eponymous Black Rock Shooter fights off against a mysterious red-eyed opponent. Meanwhile, in the human world, Mato Kuroi enters middle school and takes interest in her classmate, Yomi Takanashi. The two quickly become friends due to their common interest in a book from their childhood.

Whilst inviting Mato to her house, Yomi becomes worried when Kagari Izuriha, a girl who doesn’t want Yomi to make other friends, shows up and acts hostile towards Mato.

As Yomi becomes intimidated by Kagari, in the other world, Black Rock Shooter follows a green trail to a strange area, where she is attacked by a large mechanical scorpion, piloted by a girl who resembles Kagari known as Chariot.

After talking with the student counsellor, Saya Irino, Mato becomes determined to be friends with Yomi and offers to take her to a festival. Meanwhile, as Black Rock Shooter tries to counter attack, she is bound by chains coming from a horned woman known as Dead Master.

I really don’t understand what the hell was going on! I always thought Yoma was Dead Master and Mato was Black Rock Shooter, but the whole Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master takes place in another universe. I think perhaps their has to be a connection cause in the anime Black Rock fights a girl that looks just like Kagari

Oh well I didn’t understand the OVA I didn’t expect me to understand the story of the first episode of the anime.

Characters: C-
I didn’t really like the characters other then Black Rock Shooter and Mato’s friend

Animation: B
To keep the score fair I’ll just grade it as a B, the world with Black Rock looks better then the world with Mato and Yoma along with the animation for the characters.

Sound: B+
The voice acting, the sound effects, and the music all where better then I expected and a tad better then in the OVA.
Overall: C
Just like the OVA I can say that its not really a must see series and with the story all I can say for future episodes I hope they can make sense even just a tiny bit


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