Another- #05 Build Limbs

Following the death of Sanae Mizuno, it seems that Mei’s prediction from episode 1 is coming true that Class 3 “associates your name with death” is coming true and its easy to spot closer to the end of the episode.

Without anyone really talking to him he’s pretty much on his own to find out more clues now the class is treating him like they have done to Mei, which is to act like he even exists as a fail proof way to block the curse. It really seemed that a new source for him to learn about the curse was found this episode but that was shortly lived before he got any answers though. Takabayashi a character that was introduced in the first episode, and even though he sits behind Kouichi I actually forgot ALL about him, offered to answer any questions he may have, but dies of a heart attack before he can answer any questions.

In the first episode he says he has a heart condition and he goes to the nurses office by himself. The end of the episode though is a nice twist it explains what happens to the class when the curse starts, to be honest it’s not as shocking as the fact someone dies each month. Mei says that once the curse starts killing class members that somehow the class ends up short a desk and chair even though the correct numbers of seats have always been the same they always seem to be short a desk and chair and that the roster has been altered to also be short.

Okay I didn’t like this episode as much as I did episode 3, it was a bit more watered down then the other, I also find the fact that the class roster is shown with Mei’s name marked out as if she’s no longer in the class to be shown a bit late in the series.

As soon as I noticed that I thought it should have been shown in episode 2 or 3 while the series has us to believe the Mei was the Misaki that died 26 years ago. It really seemed to building up to it, and she pretty much jokes about it when he starts talking to her about the class acting like she never existed.

But another nice thing about this episode is we learn that the reason Mei can always be found in the doll house is because the woman thats always there is her mom and they live upstairs above the store Another thing, that I forgot was that is that Kouichi’s mom was a student of North Middle he finds her picture while looking at an old year book

Characters: C+
All in all more monotone characters but at least Takabayashi broke out of his mold, well he didn’t really get a character trend, we meet him once then we see him at his desk, then he dies.

Animation: A+

With the death from the curses there was a lot of slow heavy piano music playing the mood of sorrow to affect the viewer. It was a good way to draw out the depressed mood and really impact you. More so at the start when the grandparents are talking about the death of the nurse.

Overall: A+
A nice break we now know just about everything. Class 3 plans to stop the curse from killing anyone else by acting like Kouichi doesn’t exist like they do with Mei

I hope you all caught that, the way a class in the past stopped the curse was acting like a student didn’t exist to make up for the extra seat, they are over looking the fact they where already doing this with Mei so now I can’t wait for episode 6 to see what happens when the class is acting like 2 students don’t exist! But the episode was perfect all questions from the last 5 episodes were answered minus my Floor 4 one but there’s still time for that.


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