Another- #04 Put Flesh

Story: A+
Put Flesh starts on a sad note, we learn why Yukari was in a big rush to get leave school, its shown while Kouichi is talking to Mei in episode 3.

In hopes not to repeat the same mistake of past Class 3s they are ordered not to talk about her death again out of fear that the curse will be brought back and someone connected to class 3 dies once every month. While thats the highlight of the first episode theres really more work behind the story, now that the curse is revealed and what happens it’s actually overlooked that students aren’t the only ones at risk of dying its anyone with any connection to the class. The nurse is suddenly brought back into the story

Her brother is in Class 3 named Mizuno Takeru on the basketball team, when her break is over she goes back to work, or so she thinks. She gets in the elevator and the cables break killing her on impact once it hits the bottom floor.

When watching this compared to past horror series I was thinking that the curse has taken the life of a class mate now nothing will happen again for a few more episodes. Im glad Another breaks this and keeps the body count high and striking. It’s a great way to keep viewers like myself on pins and needles wondering who is going to die next and when someone is going to die. I have to admit the episode pulled a Final Destination on me mid way through with a sheet of glass nearly killing Kouichi and another Class 3 classmate of his.

I think the staff is now going to play with the emotion of the series, we can now expect death and now they are going to play with us and give us lots of close calls. But all in all THIS is what horror series should do, they build up the suspense and when you’re not expecting anything else to draw you in death springs up.

Characters: B-
I felt that this episode was sorta of a change finally a few characters that show different emotions instead of holding back and trying to be mysterious and keeping us in the dark, most still do though more so Mei all of a sudden. She seemed like she didn’t want to talk for a change when she comes out of the shadows once again at the doll house. I guess this is her way of changing from being the girl to talk to, to get some answers for a change when there’s no other leads or clues from other people.

Animation: A+

Sound: B+
Music, screams, finally emotion in characters voices. A nice change from monotone and no emotional characters, I guess the voice actors drunk coffee to finally wake up.

Overall: A
This episode was a wake up call to me, it took everything so far in the anime and turned it upside down. My only question is who is next on the hit list and what is Class 3 going to do now that another person has died? Also again when is the question or answer of the hospital NOT having a 4th floor going to be answered?


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