Another- #03 Bone Work

Story: A+
At last the series gets to the good parts of the story. We find the Mei has an artificial left eye that comes from a doll

She also says it sees things that aren’t really there. The school part of the episode is focused on some of the major characters as they start talking about where they plan to go to high school, and also the nurse calls Kouichi and tells him the girl who died name was Fujioka Misaki. When the story comes back to what Another is really about we finally get a new clue about Mei and why her name made Kouichi think she’s the girl who died 26 years ago.

Thais not the only bombshell Mei tells him, she also says that she doesn’t exist and that no one can see her, a short flashback is played from episode 1 telling him “Don’t get involved in things that don’t exist”. At last at the last scene plays and for once I can say the plot is rising!

I was really at a loss to for words the entire episode, when I didn’t think anything else was going to happen, I seen I had less than 30 seconds left in the episode, okay the episode is almost over. Okay so Yukari just fell down the stairs and got stabbed in the neck from the tip of her umbrella. Wait, WHAT!? I really never cared for her character the only thing she was, was a hinder in getting to know the truth, I think this was the only big scene she had in the episode when asked about Mei

With her out-of-the-way I feel that he’s work to find the truth is a lot easier.

Characters: D
I’m bored with the characters they do nothing but avoid answering questions. Mei is the only that’s helpful and even she monotone and sounds depressed all the time. I’m just waiting for her to break out of her gloomy mold.

Sound: C
A lot of talking and nice depressing music to set the mood but even so, it’s really starting to bug me as it’s the same thing as the last few episodes.

Animation: A+
Trademark of the series, great animation.

Sound: B-
Another episode another better than normal sound.

Overall: A-
Another great episode down. I’m starting to feel like Neo in the Matrix, I want to see how deep in the rabbit hole was for this episode and I wasn’t really let down. Finally know that Mei has an artificial eye from a doll, not sure what powers it has, I sorta think Lucia from Venus Versus Virus but thats just me, and we got a nice death which means maybe there really is a curse on Class 3.

I for one am ready for more action and to see if my questions from episode 3 to be answered or asked and hopefully someone will answer them!


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