Ad Lib Anime Laboratory Episode 1

Story: A
Well the story was pretty good seeing how they had NOTHING to really go on, everything was pretty much made up as they went which is what the story is about. There is no lines giving to them not even a shot of the anime on tvs to give them an idea on what to do

The story card shows them an outline of the characters they will be playing, the story card has an outline of the characters and setting. They all play the roles of the teacher and a goddess and in school to learn to control their powers. Once the recording part is done the anime they just did with no script is shown, but I actually only care about the recording process mostly cause I can’t help laughing at the people in the booth behind them.

This was my favorite series of the Winter 2011 season but sadly I could only find 1 episode to watch I haven’t been able to find any other episodes that are subbed let alone a RAW video. I guess Im forced to wait till the end of time to watch more episodes

Characters: A+
I loved the characters and the voice actors seeing it being recorded and then in anime form it helps connect to the characters and with 2 of my favorite voice actress, Emiri Katou and Kaori Fukuhara that helps.

Animation: C
I understand that the animation really isn’t the main reason to watch this but just a way to view the finished voice acting. But for what its worth Im glad it looked as good as it does.

Sound: A
The sound was great even if most of the sound is them talking and laughing at how crazy the idea of series is, I bet they never would have guessed that anime is more silly without lines then it is WITH lines.

Overall: A+
I really have to give it a high grade, its a look into something I love and even a viewing of the finished product. Also its original, for anime or people that would like to do voice acting, its not like exactly like all voice acting jobs but its the best you can do looking at how its done.


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