Another- #02 Blueprint

Story: B
Episode 2 still follows deeper into the mystery of the curse of Class 3 and trying to find who girl Misaki is.

Kouichi is trying to find the answers to the story that none in the class is willing to tell him, everyone seems to dodge the question or just walk away. Not willing to allow people to doge his questions he follows Mei in hopes she’ll answer his questions, since so far she’s the only one that’s been any help in answering some of his questions.

He follows her to a store called “The Hollow Eyes of Yomi at Twilight” and inside we finally understand where the odd dolls that flashed through episode 1.

It’s a doll house that from here on he can pretty much find Mei at when he wants to find her, the real reason she’s always here and why the woman at the door says she has no other customers will be told in a later episode.

I’m actually on the fence in this episode I didn’t really like it cause nothing new was introduced and due to everyone avoiding his questions. On the other hand I liked it cause at last Kouichi is starting to ask questions I wanted to be answered in episode 1

Also another thing I like is Mei seems to begin to trust him and the episode ends with her letting him in on whats under the eyepatch

Characters: D
Still the characters are mostly timid and not really talking a lot at least not about the curse or about Mei. We get to see 2 new characters the school’s librarian and the woman who works at the doll house.

Animation: A+
Nothing short of great animation again, after seeing a few episodes a head I can say so far the score won’t change and I’ll just post up screenshots.

Sound: B-
Still the same quality as the first episode. Still uses depressing music to fill the mood and the voice acting is great.

Overall: B-
The episode was bit of a let down, I was wanting this episode to really start the action but it’s just setting up the pace for the real part of the plot to pick up. I know this is only a 13 episode series, maybe with a second season but even though this was the 2nd episode I was really hoping it to come out and really throw a lot of information out.
At the very least end his wondering about Mei all the time in future episodes cause Im tired of him looking towards her deskbr>


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