Story: B-
The story follows the path of three players: Sakuya, Tobias, and Mary, and their playing of the world’s largest MMORPG, “The World R:X” created by Cyberconnect Corporation. As is the case, these players were on a quest in their party of three, when they are caught in a strange fate of circumstance.

.hack//Quantum is by far the best .hack// anime series I’ve seen, I was blown away, the story even though it really doesn’t introduce anything new in fact a lot of things are back from past series, but the way the story is told and other new elements where a great new add in even for someone like me a true die-hard of the series. After Eri gets “PK’d” and falls into a coma and while trying to save her Sakuya gains a new power a lot like Data Drain. Now its up to Mary, Sakuya, and other World players to fight for their lives in both virtual and physical form against the player vs player battle and also the hacker who is trying to destroy the world. The last OVA episode has a nice battle of players of “The World” fighting each other not knowing that the line of the game world is mixed with the real world.

Animation: A+
The animation in Quantum ranks up as one of the best looking ones I’ve seen. The animation clearly shows scales on the boss “The One Sin”, on the dragons, and its easy to get lost in the background in the real world. The colors are bright and not blurred at all, some points I look at the surrounding areas and wonder how they where able to pull it off. It looks like a real hallway or just perfect CGI with some cell shading for the anime effect.

Characters: D
The only drawl back to this is the weak cast of characters there’s too few and each really has a huge role to play other than Eri who really has no job in this anime. She gets PK’d and falls into a coma pretty quick and then is back in the last episode. Even her role as a “virus character” is very weak. The series could have gone on without her but on the other hand it really couldn’t. But I do wish she had some sort of role instead of just standing around doing nothing.

For Mary I can say for certain the series would have been fine without her. Shes the most skilled out of the 3 yet she hardly does any fighting and as the episodes roll on you grow tired of her “I don’t trust anything your saying” attitude while their trying to figure out how to save their friend. It even comes across while talking to allies trying to help them. I really would have liked to have seen this series with at least 5 main characters instead of 4.

Overall: B-
I liked the series out of all the other .hack// other than GU because it cuts to the case of the story yet gives you a full complete story in pretty well detail all in 3 episodes. It also gives a pretty nice twist in the story, I would highly recommend this to people who like fantasy, video game themed, cyber, and other .hack// animes. Its well worth watching.


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