Goulart Knights ~Evoked THE Beginning Black~

Story: D
The whole episode was really just the Knights finding a young girl named Spika, who is the only person left alive after the village she lived in was attacked and everyone was killed, they find her and take her in thinking shes a Archon, again nothing is known about what a Archon is.

I review anime not manga, I don’t even read manga unless I like the anime, so I was lost while watching this.

As I was watching this episode I was thinking how glad I am that its just an OVA but then on the other hand that it should be an anime series because as the episode plays out theres a lot of actual promise that they could do a lot of great things with the characters. The only thing I didn’t like was the lame jokes they attempted could have been funny but with no background information on the character its just dry humor I feel.

Really when it boils down to if this was a good episode or not the clear cut answer is no its not.

Characters: F
The characters of Goulart Knights are forgettable, I couldn’t keep up with the names the only good thing about the characters are the clothes they wear

Animation: B
I actually like the animation rich with full color

Overall: F
With no back story of characters and no mention of how they got their powers or why the Goulart Knights exist I have to give it an F. Theres no real story to the anime and lack of a single good character, I think they did this OVA to get the name out for the manga. I know the manga has more information, but Im not going to read it since I didn’t like the OVA that came with the bundle.


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