Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai!- Don’t Call Me Papa

Story: B
Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai’s first episode started out light hearted. Its about college student Yuuta Segawa who starts his first year of college after drinking with the “Street Observation Research Society”.

The episode and the plot of the series really plays in during the last half of the episode, Yuuta’s sister asks him to watch her family while her and her husband go out of town for a few days. It wouldn’t be a problem if his nephew by marraige didn’t have a crush on him.

When I was thinking of should I watch this or not because from people online said it was a waste of time. But Im glad I decided to give it a chance, to be honest it reminds me of one of my favorite anime series, Kiss X Sis. Both are about siblings by marriage having on a crush on the male main character, but Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai is more clean cut then most ecchi series, perhaps when its released on dvd and uncensored it will be the series the creators wanted to do.

Characters: B
Nothing special but the characters all just work together really well. I actually have a favorite in this series, its Yuuta’s friend Nimura, who moves in with Yuuta and only goes home when he tricks girls to go to his house

I also like Miu Takanashi the girl who has a crush on Yuuta which I just know is going to lead to a lot of problems for him in the series.

Animation: C+
The animation is really well on backgrounds but for the character design I hate how the faces are seen from the side, they have a weird upwards slope to the nose area which really annoys me while watching the anime.

I had high hopes at the start due to the way the trees looked in th background of the first few scenes of the beginning.

Overall: C-
The plot as I said really starts in the middle of the episode but really nothing really original or shocking happens. But I will say the way it ended has to be one of my favorite endings to a series first episode perhaps since Bleach’s first episode.

Really theres no way to smooth over walking in on your niece even if your not related by blood.


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