Another #01 Rough Sketch

Story: C+
In the first episode of Another we learn about a classmate that died 26 years ago named Mei Misaki. What happened isn’t really told how she died but a student made light of it saying that she isn’t dead and that shes sitting at her desk. It really started the story that her ghost is still around not knowing that shes dead. It also started to spread to the point where her chair was left in for the graduating ceremony.

What drew me to this series is the dark atmosphere and the horror story. It has a deep storyline that hasn’t really shown itself it really seems like a dark setting with a love story between the main character Kouichi Sakakibara and the ghost girl Mei Misaki

To be honest the first episode let me down as nothing really happened in this other then Mei telling Kouichi that his name is closely connected to death and everyone in class is scared of him due to it and that he shouldn’t talk to her anymore.

Characters: D
The characters well none of them so far really stand out besides Mei due to her eye patch but as everything else shes pretty much bland. Other characters like the ones that met Kouichi in the hosptial while he was recovering from a collapsed lung who also have no real emotions.
Tomohiko Kazami (Center), Yukari Sakuragi (right), and Izumi Akazawa (left)

I don’t see how theres all the characters introduced and none of them really have any emotion.

Animation: A+
Nothing but eye candy can really be said about it from the chain-linked fence to the scene with Mei on the school roof during PE class.

Sound: B-
The sound is really a mix of good and terrible. The voices of characters as I said in the character section no emotion the sound is flat in their voices. The music is great though the OP really fits the dark atmosphere the anime creates and fits the dark scenes that play though out the credits. The ending theme is an even sadder song that plays but the end scenes are the complete opposite of what the OP shows the scenes are more light hearted.

Overall: B-
For this being a new series it was really hit or miss with me and out of most of the things it was a miss but I can tell its going to b worth it as it sets up great stuff in upcoming episodes. My biggest question that was shown in episode 1 but not explained yet, but I hope is explained before the final episode is why is there no 4th floor at the hosptial where Kouichi meets Mei in the elevator.

I for sure can see me watching the rest of the series on pins and needles just like with episode 2 to see whats going to happen now that shes told Kouichi to not talk to her anymore and how the class responds to him while they are cautious around him due to his name.


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