Haunted Changi

Story: F
The story of Haunted Changi is about a haunted hospital, it starts off telling the story of the hospital in Singapore and talks about the ghost that are said to lingering still after the war.

To be honest I had a real high hopes for this movie, after seeing the trailer for it on Youtube and reading the comments of the video from many users I actually thought that the comments where true. To be real honest after the first 20 or 30 mins when the story is out-of-the-way you can pretty much stop watching cause its the only thing worth watching in the movie. One reason the story scores so low is because it’s a “mockumentary” not of the place but of the cast.

Characters: D
The characters of the movie are actually the worst yet in their own way they are actually good.

Sheena Chung (left)- Her character was also dumb she added nothing but her pretty face.
Farid Aziam (right)- Only good character of the main cast, who made me laugh a few times he’s always making Sheena mad mostly vulgar jokes since she’s dating Andrew.

The crew of the movie is terrible they can’t act to save their lives, other than a few times I really wouldn’t be able to tell if they where using a script or was just told wing the lines and just act natural. When one guy claims to have met a Chinese girl that happens to be living in Changi there’s a few sexual jokes thrown in “so you interviewed her or did you interview her?” one of the better jokes thrown.

I would give the fake Ghost Hunter Singapore cast an A+ in character rating though, pretty sad when the minor cast can out act the main cast.

Direction: F
I really didn’t like the direction this movie took, it started with a lot of promise to have a lot of creepy moments but there was only 1 moment that got me. I will admit that and it was really the only creepy moment in the whole movie, and even then it’s not from horror but the jump of not expecting something to pop up on the screen. I don’t count cheap tricks as real horror.

There was another part with being able to see a shadow hand behind Sheena but you could only see it when they showed the footage on a computer screen in the film, it really killed the moment.

Overall: F
I would say this movie is by far one of the worst ones I’ve ever seen in my life. Think of The Blair Witch Project, now take out the history and myths, now focus the story on the 3 film makers, and just for kicks one of them is in love with a dead woman. Thats the rough idea of Haunted Changi. Trust me, the movie is so terrible it causes cancer and kills cockroaches.

Run and scream in fear if a friend wants you to watch this movie with them!


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