Brave 10- The Destined Pair review

Story: B
Brave 10 is a story about a samurai named Saizou Kirigakure, the first episode really sets up a good idea but not really executed that well as it does not answer many questions you may get while watching this episode. The first episode starts out with Saizou saving a girl named Isanami, who later says shes a shrine maiden who is the only one who escaped an attack at a temple alive. She is on the way to see Yukimura Sanada a lord that the high priest told her to find for help. On the way they encounter a group of ninjas out to kill her and Saizou who has to protect her

Brave 10 to me reminded me a lot of Final Fantasy Lost Order mostly due to the fact that Saizou reminded me of Zack Fair a bit from that anime.

He even has a sword that reminds me of the Buster Sword that they use, just not as extreme in width. I guess its closer to a Claymore, but the episode is actually full of action and fighting. In the long run it doesn’t really give an idea whats going to happen in the next episode. I just want to know where and when all the great looking characters in the opening credits are going to appear and what is the real plan of Yukimura when he said hes collecting more heroes and more about the power Isanami’s headband has.

Characters: A-
The characters in Brave 10 are all great. Most of which look like other characters in some samurai series or Bleach for the most part. But taking in their actions and dialog it helps them stand out from their more popular counterparts. I don’t really see how it really hurts the series to have characters similar to others as long as they are some what original.

Isanami- A girl Saizoul saves from a group of Ninjas that are out to kill her even against his will. She spends the episode as the normal girl in need of help, and wines way too much for me to really like her.

Saizou Kirigakure- Loner samurai who Isanami to a bowl of Soba Noodles as a way of saying thanks for saving her life, and thus him being in debt to her.

Sasuke Sarutabi- Leader of the Sanada ninjas. He seems to hate Saizou and ends up fighting most of the time we see him.

Yukimura Sanada- Hes really the type of character that switches sides.

Animation: A+
The animation is really smooth most of this episode takes place in a forest which the trees all look great perhaps some of the best animation so far this season. Also the features of people also look great, something that I really didn’t expect it to keep the quality up for long.

Sound: C
Theres a lot of dialog as its mostly Saizou being forced to take Isanami to Ueda Castle so she can ask lord Yukimura for help. One thing that disappointed me was the emotion of the voices for the most part was not on par with the scene there where times where they sound to relaxed in a fight or they sound mad when the scene is more relaxing. Im not sure of the background of the voice actors or how many lead roles they’ve had but I can only hope in the time between episodes they really get the emotions down.

Overall: B+
Brave 10 was better then what I expected it to be, in the past with samurai series theres far too much dialog and also for the most the action scenes are so short or so long they actually become boring. Brave 10 some how has over came this something I wish Death Frenzy could have done.

Brave 10 also found a way to break the general idea of a samurai hero with Saizou. Hes a samurai without a lord and he doesn’t want one, he doesn’t really care about Isanami or her problems no matter how much she begs and follows him. To me its always great to take a different path instead of following how people should or are expected to act. I for one can’t wait for new episodes of this anime and see where where it goes.


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