Area no Kishi

Area no Kishi

The series is also known as The Knight in the Area

Story: D
The story of Area no Kishi is really up in the air to be honest as this is the first episode. The story is mostly focused on a high school student named Kakeru Aizawa, who is the manager of his school’s soccer club. He’s the younger brother of a high school soccer star named Suguru Aizawa. As the episode plays out it shows that Kakeru use to play soccer with his brother and his friend Nana on a school team but now he seems to stick to the side lines. His brother confronts him and says that he doesn’t even have the courage to quit soccer and that’s why he chose to be manager instead of playing. The episode ends with Suguru forcing his brother to play or quit being manager of the soccer club.

I for one use to play soccer, its more fun playing then watching it and that goes for anime! But the episode wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be, the action is really nice at the start with Japan vs Brazil in a soccer match it really reminded me of watching Prince of Tennis. Nice pace in action and good slow motion shots.

I was following the episode nicely but when Kakeru started to play a backyard match against a person in an alien mask and hoodie I had to take a break.

Not that it was out of left field but when you watch it it’s a dead giveaway who it is, but the episode doesn’t say who. For me the only real part that I did enjoy was when his friend Nana transfer into his school, ends up in the same class sitting next to him, and his classmates beating the shit out of him cause he was childhood friends with her. I had flashbacks to Dokoro-chan when that happened, I’m just a sucker for scenes that has that.

Characters: C+
Really run of the mill cast of characters, in terms of character design they won’t stand out in your head when thinking back on the series and most of the main characters shown in the first episode if I think back on past series I could name at least a handful of characters that act, look, and even sound like them.

Kakeru- Crazy about soccer, but feels that he could never come close to the level his brother is so he gave up playing.

Suguru- Ace of the team, popular with girls as a scene shows girls with love letters to him and a crowd that follows him around school.

Yuusake- Not sure about him, not a big character so far.

Nana- Kakeru’s childhood friend who moved to America due to her dad getting transferred. She just wants to play soccer with Kakeru and Suguru like they did when they were younger. And who Kakeru fell in love with.

Kouta Nakatsuka- The girl crazy stereotype character. He’s always on the sideline just wanting to get in the game.

Nana being a victim of Kouta’s sexual perv-ness.

Animation: A
The animation is watchable, it’s a nice touch that in the soccer match you can see blades of grass and clumps of dirt being kicked up as their running and a lot of attention to detail. I’m just glad they don’t do the tired out gag of going from a drawing of a person and then they end up as a round figure.

Sound: A-
The voice acting is great and the music in the anime is good. Voice of excitement in matches is where the sound really wins, when I listen to it, sounds like its a real soccer match over a radio which I would expect a flat-out, you can tell he’s trying to sound excited goal yell, but I’m glad I’m wrong. Even the sound of excitement in Kakeru’s voice when he talks about soccer.

The theme song I wish they picked another one its pretty bad but the chorus relates to the plot of the anime being about Kakerou and whatever problems he’s facing with the line “I may not be the hero of the story. But I can still cherish the present” which is what he does, as I said he just feels that he’s in his brother’s shadow and just wants to enjoy playing soccer.

Overall: B
A solid try to honestly the anime took me by surprise. I was expecting one of the worst animes of the winter season but got a better than normal series, at least in my eyes, it defiantly made me want to see more as the episode ends with Kakerou about to play soccer on the same team as Kouta and his brother in a Red vs White team practice match. I know people will disagree with the rating of a B when they watch it but when a series surpasses my initial thoughts I can’t help but be surprised more so when I had my mind made up that it was going to be terrible!

So it earned the right to cheer:


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