Busou Shinki!- Moon Angel

Story: F
Right off the bat we are thrown into an air fight between 2 dolls I guess with wings or a jet pack thing on their backs. The story doesn’t really have a start or at least not yet so nothing is known whats going on with the story if there is one….hey this anime is from Konami half their games I don’t understand what the hell is going on.

But the story is about a boy who just moved recently to this town, he asks kids his age if he can tag along to the store to buy a Moon Angel, yeah those 2 that where fighting, but they just brush him off and run into town leaving him behind. The kid is about to head up the steps home, he sees something in the tree and climbs up to find the white Moon Angel that was damaged fighting the black Moon Angel. Meanwhile I guess the black Moon Angel is with the evil circle.

That’s the whole first episode, this is why I hate short animes such as this, only a few have been good such as BPS and REC, both 5 to 15 mins long but in that short amount of time they can tell a complete full story or get you into the episode. I’m not sure if Konami thinks people would like this crap or not but its on the Japanese PSN for 400 yen an episode, yeah its cheap but come on I’m not going to buy it I didn’t even like the episode I found online for free. But knowing me once a bluray of the anime comes out I’ll find someone to watch it with cause I can’t say I’m dropping an anime without watching at least 2 episodes but for the time being just rewatching that to do this review and do screenshots remind me how much I hate Konami. Let us watch the first episode for free on tv then charge for the rest.

Characters: F

Again nothing is really known, I know that by the 3rd episode we get names to characters, hey my friends have been buying this crap and I’ve seen up to episode 3. But as far as the first episode the only character we know by name is Tsubasa, the kid that finds the white Moon Doll
Hey I closed the window I had up to see if there’s any episodes and to get the series name and Im not going to hit the undo button to bring the tab back up. This anime isn’t worth that .023 seconds I would have to wait. Again watch the first episode on youtube to understand my rage rants.

Animation: B+
Finally something this passed my expectations on! The anime is great in terms of the smooth animation, a little too great if you ask me for it to be a 5 min per episode series.

Sound: F
No real music minus a short 10 second towards the end also Tsubasa didn’t have that many lines and I can tell you the voice actor is just “meh” not a great voice actor and not a bad one just a voice to a character in my view.

Overall: F
Yeah you should have known it was going to get a grade of F. F is for fail but in Moon Angels the F is for “the Fuck did I just watch>!” I know I was pretty harsh on the series but it earned it.


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